Jason McPherson

#3 – The Forgotten Man

Written September 2016 With the 1st pick in the 1996 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select…” They said he was too small for the pros and entering the NBA at 6’0 tall one could hardly argue. A high school football stand out, he was destined for the NFL. Yet on September 10, 2016 Allen Iverson was about to present a hall of fame speech after being inducted into the 2016… Read More »#3 – The Forgotten Man

Gaza Run the World – the Review

Vybz Kartel finally released the much anticipated single Gaza Run the World. A few weeks ago, a short clip of the song was released and Kartel fans went crazy. No one knew the actual name of the song or any other details, so they had to settle for a 20 seconds long clip, until Friday March 15. Some people went as far as calling it Lyricist part III due to… Read More »Gaza Run the World – the Review

Through the Fire

April 24th marks 6 years since my life changed forever. As we go further into the month of April and with this new corona virus singlehandedly decimating the world in every aspect, I’m reminded that we only need to survive ‘this’ one challenge. It remains the single most difficult thing I’ve had to overcome so far in my 35 years of existence. I received a call one afternoon, my mom… Read More »Through the Fire

World Cup Fever – The Jamaican Experience

With Covid-19 in play, sports has become almost a distant memory. Media outlets however have taken the opportunity to relive some of the best moments in sports, much to the elation of sports fan. In June 2018, the world witnessed an epic tournament in the ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ – The World Cup. Jason’s Voice was in the thick of things and published the below almost two years ago.… Read More »World Cup Fever – The Jamaican Experience

How To Stay Alive in Jamaica – The Covid-19 Edition

It has been a mere 72 days into the year 2020 and already Jamaica has had some incidents and tragedies we would do well to forget about. From a 7.7 magnitude earthquake and a devastating fire, to a major explosion in the business district of Kingston; yet no one could have anticipated a global pandemic in the form of the Covid-19 virus. Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that belongs to… Read More »How To Stay Alive in Jamaica – The Covid-19 Edition

Dear Jasmine

I’m sorry we didn’t protect you enough. We live in a country where a lot of basic needs for citizens are not considered, let alone that of special needs. I hope you can forgive us, but if you can’t, I understand. As a people we have long been desensitized to cruel and inhumane treatment, but it didn’t start there. You see Jasmine, our country’s social depravity started when we turned… Read More »Dear Jasmine

R.I.P Mamba

I laughed when I saw the skinny 17-year-old put up an air ball in the playoffs versus the Utah Jazz, little did I know that laughter would turn into tears just a few years later when Kobe Bryant started lighting up the league. As a Jamaican, I was sick to my stomach; every little boy was a Kobe fan in Jamaica. Me being a big NY Knicks fan, I was… Read More »R.I.P Mamba

Living and Learning… — The Happiness Paradigm

Brought to you by The Happiness Paradigm. In my country, when a person is beset by a run of bad luck, elders will comment that maybe they killed someone’s white fowl (chicken). I’m not entirely sure what it means, other than that you’ve done something to provoke someone into wishing or orchestrating a series of unfortunate events in your life. For me, […] Living and Learning… — The Happiness Paradigm 0

5 Ways to Survive the 90 days of January – ‘Tambrin’ Season

There’s no country in the world that parties like Jamaica and when it comes to Christmas, we take it to the next level. For Jamaicans, Christmas is THE big event. It’s not only about the day itself, it’s the whole Christmas season. The moment the “Christmas Breeze” starts to blow, Jamaicans entire mood changes. We become way more tolerant, we become kinder and there is a sense of togetherness that… Read More »5 Ways to Survive the 90 days of January – ‘Tambrin’ Season

Kartel Dedicates Album ‘To Tanesha’ to Shorty

Since his emergence on the Dancehall scene in 2002, Vybz Kartel has always been identified with his long time common-law wife and mother of his sons, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson. He has sang several songs over the years about her, both glowingly and unpleasantly, but this is the first time he has dedicated an entire album to her. News broke in 2017 about their split and Kartel has since posted several… Read More »Kartel Dedicates Album ‘To Tanesha’ to Shorty