Kartel Dedicates Album ‘To Tanesha’ to Shorty

Since his emergence on the Dancehall scene in 2002, Vybz Kartel has always been identified with his long time common-law wife and mother of his sons, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson. He has sang several songs over the years about her, both glowingly and unpleasantly, but this is the first time he has dedicated an entire album to her. News broke in 2017 about their split and Kartel has since posted several… Read More »Kartel Dedicates Album ‘To Tanesha’ to Shorty


“…I said that even before I knew I was.” When Mohammed Ali made that statement, he was seen as arrogant, cocky and self righteous. But there is a certain level of self confidence, will and desire that goes into making a great competitor the greatest. Across all sports, there’s usually that little edge that separates great players from the greatest. In basketball it isn’t the stats, it isn’t only the… Read More »“I AM THE GREATEST…”

He Got Game

He was some way out, but I could make out that his figure was dribbling a basketball. As he got a little bit closer I saw that he had high level control over the ball. Crossovers galore; behind the back, through the legs, in and out, he did this repetitively as if it was a practice routine. As he got a little bit closer I realized that he had a… Read More »He Got Game

Do Men Need Women More than Women Need Men?

Part 1Growing up in Western Civilization, no less, a developing country like Jamaica; we were socialized to believe that women needed men more than men needed women (apart from sexual gratification and being a mere vessel to continue his legacy). Undoubtedly, we live in a society that is patriarchal in its foundation and ideologies, as a result, women have always been looked on as an inferior species to men. Now… Read More »Do Men Need Women More than Women Need Men?

Jamaican “men” the Biggest Threat to our Society

Her name is Shantell WhyteThe news read “24-year-old woman, shot to death by lover.” There was brief outrage that lasted as long as the length of the video that circulated on social media – mere minutes. It’s a story that has become all too familiar in the Jamaican society. As soon as this “outrage” wore off, people began to speculate on the reasons that could have led to this “man”… Read More »Jamaican “men” the Biggest Threat to our Society