Women Empowerment

Arm our Women, Don’t Harm our Women

On January 7th 2020 I published an article entitled Jamaican “men” the Biggest threat to our Society. At the time, we had just learnt of the horrific New Year’s Eve killing of Shantell White, a young woman who was brutally murdered by her alleged lover. Exactly two months later, I wrote a letter to Jasmine Dean asking for her forgiveness for failing to protect her, hoping that she could one day… Read More »Arm our Women, Don’t Harm our Women

The Flawed Concept of Patriarchy

Ever see what happens when a powerless person is thrust into authority? Their ineptitude becomes more exposed. Since time immemorial, men have gone unchecked. We’ve largely been responsible for all the unnatural destruction that befalls the earth, and yet, somehow, we think we are ‘God’s gift’ to earth and women.

Jamaican “men” the Biggest Threat to our Society

Her name is Shantell WhyteThe news read “24-year-old woman, shot to death by lover.” There was brief outrage that lasted as long as the length of the video that circulated on social media – mere minutes. It’s a story that has become all too familiar in the Jamaican society. As soon as this “outrage” wore off, people began to speculate on the reasons that could have led to this “man”… Read More »Jamaican “men” the Biggest Threat to our Society