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The concept of Jason’s Voice was initially created in August 2016. It was a medium to express my thoughts about the world and in particular my home country – Jamaica. Jason’s Voice seeks to navigate our complex yet fascinating island and the world through various avenues; sports, life, family, romance, social issues etc. 

Since then, Jason’s Voice has blossomed into more than just a blog site. Due to an increasing demand from colleagues, friends, family and associates for great writing content, we organically moved into new territory; writing guest articles for blogs, speeches, product description, company history, etc; to great success. 

Seeing this great demand for quality writing on the market, Jason’s Voice, under the stewardship of Founder and CEO – Jason McPherson –  evolved into a full time writing service.

Now, you are able to benefit from a staff that’s creative, dedicated and punctual. Visit our ‘Writing Services’ section to see what we offer. 

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This is America, Frightening and Satisfying


Whew! This was a word! It perplexes me that we think what happens in a countryless than 2 hours away by flight regarding race and prejudice do not affect us. A country that quite possibly hosts more Jamaicans than local soil. It is frightening and satisfying as you stated. It is also looong over due.

Shandean Reid - Click to visit

Founder & Writer, shandeanreid.com

5 Ways to Survive the 90 Days of January – “Tambrin” Season


Love this article. Lol
Next time just publish it a little bit earlier so that most if not all Jamaicans can adequately prepare themselves for the “tambrin season”. Lol



Reader & Subscriber


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