Cancel the NBA Season Now

Dear Commissioner, If you really want to show solidarity with black people…If you really want to show how much you care…No more of this “sports unites us all” rhetoric used to fulfill your capitalistic obligations. If you care as much as you say, then put your money where your mouth is; cancel the remainder of the NBA season. According to the Institute of Diversity and Ethics in Sports, approximately 74.3%… Read More »Cancel the NBA Season Now

The end of the World – the Liverpool Edition

Plagues, a looming World War, Kobe Bryant’s death, Australian wildfires, Covid-19 pandemic…sounds like the makings of a huge Hollywood blockbuster film, right? Wrong! This is just the price the human race paid because Liverpool Football Club dared to win the English Premier League in the year 2020. NB: The first paragraph of this article is the only time you will see mention of THAT club’s official name. I used to… Read More »The end of the World – the Liverpool Edition

#3 – The Forgotten Man

Written September 2016 With the 1st pick in the 1996 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select…” They said he was too small for the pros and entering the NBA at 6’0 tall one could hardly argue. A high school football stand out, he was destined for the NFL. Yet on September 10, 2016 Allen Iverson was about to present a hall of fame speech after being inducted into the 2016… Read More »#3 – The Forgotten Man

World Cup Fever – The Jamaican Experience

With Covid-19 in play, sports has become almost a distant memory. Media outlets however have taken the opportunity to relive some of the best moments in sports, much to the elation of sports fan. In June 2018, the world witnessed an epic tournament in the ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ – The World Cup. Jason’s Voice was in the thick of things and published the below almost two years ago.… Read More »World Cup Fever – The Jamaican Experience


“…I said that even before I knew I was.” When Mohammed Ali made that statement, he was seen as arrogant, cocky and self righteous. But there is a certain level of self confidence, will and desire that goes into making a great competitor the greatest. Across all sports, there’s usually that little edge that separates great players from the greatest. In basketball it isn’t the stats, it isn’t only the… Read More »“I AM THE GREATEST…”

He Got Game

He was some way out, but I could make out that his figure was dribbling a basketball. As he got a little bit closer I saw that he had high level control over the ball. Crossovers galore; behind the back, through the legs, in and out, he did this repetitively as if it was a practice routine. As he got a little bit closer I realized that he had a… Read More »He Got Game