He Got Game

He was some way out, but I could make out that his figure was dribbling a basketball. As he got a little bit closer I saw that he had high level control over the ball. Crossovers galore; behind the back, through the legs, in and out, he did this repetitively as if it was a practice routine.

As he got a little bit closer I realized that he had a gym bag slung across his shoulders, “he must had been coming from the gym” I thought. Fully clad in basketball training gear, confirming the thought.

It’s the kind of dedication you expect from anyone that wants to pursue anything in life. He was on his way home from practice, walking, while mastering his basketball control – that’s commitment.

I was now able to see his face a little better and he looked like a kid in Elementary school. Long cornrows flashing across his face every time he crossed the ball from one hand to the next. He must have been no more than 11 years old and I thought to myself “wow! This kid surely got a future in the sport”. I know, I was only watching him from up the street for less than 5 mins, yet I was making this bold proclamation. You see, I could tell from that bit of time that he LOVED the sport and that he was dedicated to making it to the pros. Now, I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I’m willing to bet that if he gets the right guidance and nurturing and maintains the same zeal, he will undoubtedly excel at the highest level.

I was sitting in the car at the corner of Flatlands Ave & 83rd Street in Brooklyn. It was cold, 36 degrees out with a light drizzle and this 11 yr old kid was practicing his dribble on the way home. He was now really close to where I was parked and may have seen me looking, because he did a double in and out move with a 360 spin as if to impress his audience, all the time maintaining control. As he passed by the car our eyes locked and I finally realized this future basketball star was a little girl.

Written By: Jason McPherson


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