Arm our Women, Don’t Harm our Women

On January 7th 2020 I published an article entitled Jamaican “men” the Biggest threat to our Society. At the time, we had just learnt of the horrific New Year’s Eve killing of Shantell White, a young woman who was brutally murdered by her alleged lover. Exactly two months later, I wrote a letter to Jasmine Dean asking for her forgiveness for failing to protect her, hoping that she could one day… Read More »Arm our Women, Don’t Harm our Women

Cancel the NBA Season Now

Dear Commissioner, If you really want to show solidarity with black people…If you really want to show how much you care…No more of this “sports unites us all” rhetoric used to fulfill your capitalistic obligations. If you care as much as you say, then put your money where your mouth is; cancel the remainder of the NBA season. According to the Institute of Diversity and Ethics in Sports, approximately 74.3%… Read More »Cancel the NBA Season Now

Social Distancing Driving us Crazy

Isn’t it funny just how much we crave human contact now, but when we had the freedom to do as we please we ignored it? The advent of social media saw a significant reduction in real life social interactions, resulting in less and less human contact and we were fine (or so we thought), until… Before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5 etc, human beings had more of an incentive to… Read More »Social Distancing Driving us Crazy

A Dreadful Decision

In a period of heightened sensitivity surrounding the rights and freedom of black people the world over, there could not have been a worse time for the Jamaican Supreme Court to make a ruling in what ultimately prohibited a child from attending their preferred school due to the style of their hair.  On Friday the 31st of July, in the case of ZV vs Kensington Primary School et al,  the Supreme… Read More »A Dreadful Decision

The end of the World – the Liverpool Edition

Plagues, a looming World War, Kobe Bryant’s death, Australian wildfires, Covid-19 pandemic…sounds like the makings of a huge Hollywood blockbuster film, right? Wrong! This is just the price the human race paid because Liverpool Football Club dared to win the English Premier League in the year 2020. NB: The first paragraph of this article is the only time you will see mention of THAT club’s official name. I used to… Read More »The end of the World – the Liverpool Edition

The Flawed Concept of Patriarchy

Ever see what happens when a powerless person is thrust into authority? Their ineptitude becomes more exposed. Since time immemorial, men have gone unchecked. We’ve largely been responsible for all the unnatural destruction that befalls the earth, and yet, somehow, we think we are ‘God’s gift’ to earth and women.

Dear Dad

Circa 1990, I was about 5 going on 6 years old, I don’t remember a lot of things from that age but I remember this incident vividly. My mom and my father were in a heated argument. He was packing, and in between trips outside, they argued. I don’t remember the specific words, I might have been too young to really understand them anyway, but it was clear what was… Read More »Dear Dad

This is America, Frightening and Satisfying

Throughout history, violence has always been the harbinger for revolution and change. Human beings for thousands of years have never quite figured out how to maintain peace and equity together. The scenes in the US right now are both frightening and satisfying. Frightening because it’s hard to control the monstrosity of riot and chaos borne out of supreme anger and frustration. It’s frightening because in the midst of this, though… Read More »This is America, Frightening and Satisfying

Bounty ‘Verzuz’ Beenie – the Recap

Bounty vs Beenie. It’s a rivalry that has spanned close to three decades in Dancehall and Jamaica. This dynamic duo is responsible for arguably one of Dancehall’s most successful era internationally and has been a huge influence on the rest of the world with the Jamaican culture. There have been some heated moments in this longtime rivalry, with both artistes never pulling any punches against each other on the mic.… Read More »Bounty ‘Verzuz’ Beenie – the Recap